Biggest Career/Business Mistakes Of Your Life

We all make mistakes in different areas of our lives, but career and business mistakes can easily sabotage your future and the future of your business. I’ve come to find 20 common mistakes that could cost us your career if not fixed.

1. Assuming that you know everything.
2. Assuming that you know nothing.
3. Ignoring the importance of networking.
4. Not being prepared – meetings, teaching, learning, advocating.
5. Engaging in office/work drama.
6. Arriving late.
7. Being satisfied doing (making) the bare minimum.
8. Satisfied being in the same position for a very long time.
9. Not knowing enough about the organization you work with/ or the business you are venturing into.
10. Not having a business profile.
11. Ignoring the importance of keeping social media accounts free from negative languages, nudity, and contents that defy your employee code of conducts.
12. Over-sharing personal stories at work (or with clients.)
13. Taking on every single tasks at once.
14. Burning bridges when leaving a job.
15. Unprofessional dressing.
16. Being negative.
17. Not asking for help.
18. Not standing up for yourself.
19. Not taking chances.
20. Chasing simply after status.

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