If you feel like you’re hard to love, it’s probably true!

If you've ever been on an airplane, you've probably been put under the torture of the cabin crews' long speech regarding safety. Safety is important, and if you're as Acrophobic as I️ am, you probably listened to the whole speech attentively and heard something along the line of "If we ever need oxygen, because of air pressure, the masks will pop down, make sure to put yours on before helping your kids and others." Emphasis - YOU, YOURS, FIRST, BEFORE! Just think about that as you read on.

Not Your Calling

A lot of people do not understand what I mean when I talk about purpose, finding it, finding oneself, and being oneself completely. I got a lot of responses and questions on my recent post "Are you you?", the common one was "What do you mean by finding yourself." As Nichodemus(y) as that question may sound, it can be very complex, and I do not have all the understanding of it myself, but this was my response...

Dealing with an Insecure Partner

Insecure partners need love too. We all, from time to time, can feel a little unsure of ourselves, unless you are a rabid egomaniac or narcissist. It can be challenging, though, having to reassure a person that they have your love all the time; it can be emotionally exhausting.

Dear Teen Mom

You never thought it'll happen to you, until you are in that bathroom stall, sitting on the toilet cover, staring down at that pregnancy test result with the two thick lines that reads positive. It feels like your life has just been thrown down the drain with, maybe, one night of fun.