25 Easy Steps To Perfectly Screw Up Your Life.

1. Waiting for the “right” moment to do things you’re passionate about.

2. PLAY the role of a victim.


4. Dwell on regrets and feel bad for a long period of time.

5. Totally work a job you don’t like.

6. Take things for granted – moments, people, memories.

7. DEMAND that people should give you more.

8. “Fall in Love” with someone you don’t even like.

9. Stay with someone who doesn’t treasure you.

10. Just get by, oh please.

11. DON’T love yourself enough.

12. Be totally Self-insufficient, seek constant approval from others. I mean, everyone does it, right?

13. Live a lie – lie to yourself, please.

14. Oh, and forget to pray.

15. Live in the shadows of others.

16. Keep mental health problems to yourself. I mean, no one cares to hear it anyways, right?

17. DO NOT follow your deepest intuitions.

18. DON’T have a goal.


20. Don’t learn how to manage your finances.

21. Don’t forgive anyone.

22. Settle. Settle for everything.

23. Don’t set a standard for yourself.

24. Ignore your health.

25. Never apologize. Sorry for what?

That’s it! There’s definitely more steps to take to ruin your life, but these are the common ones. Which of these have you already committed to ruining your life? Share your accomplishments and comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the email list.

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