Be Nice To Yourself

I say this sentence so many times a day it’s amazing how I forget to practice it. I work with children who sometimes exhibit aggression even towards themselves as a sign of frustration or even just for self stimulation. Every time I see a child do this, I tell them “Nice hands! Be nice to yourself, love.”

It’s my birthday today and I woke up thinking about this phrase. How is it that we can be so contented doing things for other people and we forget to be nice to ourselves. We criticize ourselves a little to harshly than we would others, we put the pressure of getting things done and done a certain way on ourselves so much that it kills us to not have them done, we set standards that could be challenging, then once we don’t attain them, we beat ourselves up, we forget to self-care (which is not merely getting your nails done or going shopping by the way), we forget to exercise, and eat right, and laugh a little, laugh a lot. Be nice to yourself for goodness sake. I wrote this for you.

You’re beautiful, be nice

There’s no other you, be nice

You only live once, be nice to yourself

Look how far you’ve come, be nice

Look where you started from, be nice

Look who said you couldn’t, be nice to yourself

You’re reading this, be nice

There alive, be nice

There’s someone out there to wishes they had what you have, be nice to yourself

You’re unique, be nice

Perfectly imperfect, be nice

We need you here, be nice to yourself

You’re loved, be nice

You’re appreciated, be nice

You’re stronger than you can imagine, be nice to yourself

You deserve better, be nice

You can’t please everyone, be nice

You don’t always have to be strong, be nice to yourself

You’re doing alright, be nice

You inspire, be nice

Your life is in Gods hands, be nice to yourself

Be nice to yourself, you’re all these and more. Trust your inner wisdom, make a promise to yourself to fall more deeply in love with yourself every single day. No one else does you better than you, be nice.

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